B-55-18 leads California to carbon neutrality by 2045. Yes, it is not easy. However, California leads in climate initiatives. Therefore, we need to do this for California and for all of us.

B-55-18’s strong foundation

First, before announcing B-55-18, Governor Brown signed SB 100. SB 100 states California’s electrical energy will be generated ONLY by zero-carbon and renewable sources by 2045.  So, we need this fuel to power a carbon neutral California. Most important, a large part of California will have this fuel in the next few years. Note that State Senator Kevin de Leon drove SB 100. So, this is part of his and Governor Brown’ legacy of climate legislation.

Kevin de Leon SB 100 author Basis for B -55-18
Kevin de Leon, SB-100’s sonsor. SB 100 is the basis for B-55-18

Laws, executive orders, and B-55-18

Laws, like SB 100, must pass both houses. In addition, he governor must sign them into law. However, the governor alone issues executive orders.   So, executive orders do not have enforcement policies. However, they do have two very powerful benefits:

  1. First, executive orders often are the basis for legislation. Both SB 350 and SB 100 started out as an executive action. Later, they both became law.
  2. Second, even before an executive order becomes a law, planning starts on the new goals. Therefore, these goals show up in presentations and policy proposals.

Converting executive order B-55-18 into legislation

First, one needs a legislator to take up the cause and write a bill. If the issue is large enough, multiple legislators can sponsor it. Often, one bill ends up as multiple bills that are tied together. As an example, SB 350 has a companion bill AB 802. AB 802 which specifies enforcement of SB 350.

Finding the right legislator for the B-55-18 conversion

State Senator Jerry Hill represents part of the Bay Area. So, he has “Java with Jerry” sessions where he interacts directly with his constituents. Fortunately, I am one of those people. I asked him about moving B-55-18 into a bill. He is thinking about this and is interested in moving forward. I will be checking with his staff monthly to see the progress.

Jerry Hill is considering sponsoring a bill based on B-55-18

Next steps

B -5-18 is ambitious. Therefore, it will likely be opposed by certain businesses. So, we need to keep B-55-18 on our radar and encourage this along. I will be one of those people. Perhaps, you will join me.













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