SSV announces the beginning of WEST 2014 Call for Solutions competition. The competition encourages users to propose breakthrough solutions to address the challenges in implementing sustainability. These solutions will be showcased at WEST 2014 on May 22nd at Stanford University. Click here for Call for Solutions.

Add your voice to the sustainability community and come learn from experts for different domains. The EcoCloud Blog is an excellent platform for enabling enterprises to share and discuss monumental ideas.

04/20: Miles Flown in FY2014 and what it means
04/19: Accenture's annual sustainability event
04/16: Climate Change: Crisis, Opportunity and a Call to Action
04/15: Living Downstream - An Earth Day Movie

Fifth IPCC Report on Climate Change

“The only road that leads to both a reduction in carbon emissions and economic growth is one built on a clean industrial revolution. This means investing and innovating now in large scale renewable deployment, energy efficiency, new finance mechanisms and low carbon business models. Most of the energy and technology solutions needed already exist, but need rapid scaling up today, not tomorrow. For in the long term, prevention will be a lot cheaper than the cure.” - Forbes
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SSV attends and promotes many events surrounding sustainability throughout the year.Check our Events Calendar to see upcoming events that interest you.
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Refine Your Pitch Workshop

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Upcoming Events:
04/27: Climate Change: Crisis, Opportunity and a Call to Action
04/30: Sustainable Silicon Valley - Refine Your Pitch Workshop

05/01: Alternative Ways to Get to Work !
05/08: Open Space Conference Scholarships
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