Call for Solutions Round 1 concluded in January 2014. Call for Solutions Round 2 is open from May 10th 2014 to July 30th 2014. We invite entrepreneurs, innovators and also participants of Call for Solutions Round 1 to submit their Solutions for Round 2.

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Call for Solutions

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07/22: How to Save Water at Work Place?
07/18: We have educated 70,000 employees about going green
07/18: Climate Change Webinars
07/14: Why Pedaling to Work is a Good Idea?

Biking to Work - It’s Cool, Green, and Trending

According to a new report released by the U.S. Census Bureau, biking to work is increasing in popularity faster than any other mode of commuting. This statistic coincides with a surge of national media coverage on climate change issues and the launch of progressive transportation policies. Business leaders and sustainability advocates can use this coverage to promote green transportation initiatives and alternative commuting habits.
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Redefining Corporate Social Responsibility

Businesses receive favorable public attention when leveraging their resources and expertise for community benefit. By embracing the notion of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), businesses generate positive publicity, improve their reputation, and engage the future generations of employees and customers concerned with global equity and environmental sustainability. Read more.

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