Sustainable Silicon Valley (SSV) is creating a structural response to the drought. The Net Positive Water initiative focuses On-Site Water Treatment and Non-Potable Reuse. Currently, California’s water management responsibilities are fragmented among many agencies and private potable water companies. An integrated strategy for water management is needed. SSV is playing the role of a convener and bringing together the government sector, the private sector, companies, and universities.
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Add your voice to the sustainability community and come learn from experts for different domains. The EcoCloud Blog is an excellent platform for enabling enterprises to share and discuss monumental ideas.

08/31: Opening Floodgates to Build More Dams?
08/31: State Water Conservation Success Update July 2015
08/31: Move to 50% of Electricity Generated Renewably Six Years...
08/30: Muslims speak out against climate change.

Vehicle to Grid (V2G): How Your EV Could Earn You Thousands of Dollars

Green, quiet and now a workhorse for the power grid – the electric car just keeps getting better. Range anxiety and charging hassles apart, owning an electric vehicle (EV) may finally pay off in the near future.

Energy experts from Tesla, EVGrid, Google and the SLAC National Laboratory discussed how this could happen at the Silicon Valley Energy Summit (SVES) held at Stanford University. Click here to read more.

SSV attends and promotes many events surrounding sustainability throughout the year.Check our Events Calendar to see upcoming events that interest you.

Upcoming Events:

09/09: Microsoft’s Sustainability Strategy: Data Centers and...
09/16: Water Technology Symposium
09/19: 43rd Annual Ev-Rally
09/23: Northern California Facilities Expo

Every month, SSV’s Green Guru features an article related to sustainability that is noteworthy. We invite you to send your sustainability related questions to the Green Guru at:

Full-Cost Accounting and the Value of Nature

In business theory, the ‘bottom-line’ is a well-established metric to represent economic success. This simple equation adequately accounts for financial profits and losses, but cannot always reflect external costs on natural landscapes, social structures, and other considerations that lack monetary representation. Read more.

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