At WEST 2014: Net Positive Call to Action, attendees broke out into facilitated Conversations for Action on targeted topics. Explore summaries of each of the 11 Conversations for Action, complete with Resource suggestions.

Add your voice to the sustainability community and come learn from experts for different domains. The EcoCloud Blog is an excellent platform for enabling enterprises to share and discuss monumental ideas.

05/20: The On-Site Water Treatment and Non-Potable Reuse Kick-Off...
05/19: U.S. Energy Demand Can Be Met with Renewables Only
05/19: LEED Platinum for San Francisco City Hall, Big win for a...
05/19: How California's new water conservation rules affect every...

First Community Housing reaches for Net Positive

“Net positive” isn’t just buzz - it’s the goal of the Living Building Challenge, an ambitious program of the International Living Future Institute (ILFI) that’s daring developers to push the envelope of green building.

Silicon Valley nonprofit First Community Housing is using a pilot project to test the Living Building Challenge in the area of affordable housing. Click here to read more.

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Upcoming Events:

05/30: Overcoming Despair about Climate Change w/Author Mary Pipher
06/13: 5th annual Green Kids Conference
06/17: "Fed Up" film
06/26: SVES

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Full-Cost Accounting and the Value of Nature

In business theory, the ‘bottom-line’ is a well-established metric to represent economic success. This simple equation adequately accounts for financial profits and losses, but cannot always reflect external costs on natural landscapes, social structures, and other considerations that lack monetary representation. Read more.

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