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Planetary-imagePlanetary Life Support Systems  


Life on Planet Earth is sustained by a web of interconnected systems.

The economy depends on a well-functioning society, providing rule of law, financial systems, infrastructure, education, culture, etc.

The society depends on a healthy environment providing clean air and water, productive soil, food, energy and materials for our “stuff”. Water and material inputs are recycled by nature.

Energy comes from the sun (even if it is stored as fossil fuels).

We seek your solutions to restore balance and health to the economic, social and environmental systems on which our civilization depends.

Our planet is facing unprecedented challenges to long-term sustainability. Sustainable Silicon Valley (SSV) is partnering with NASA Ames Research Center on WEST 2014 Call for Solutions.
WEST 2014 Call for Solutions is a competition for sustainable solutions. If you are an entrepreneur, innovator or a company that specializes in green technology or solutions, we invite you to participate in the Call for Solutions competition. This competition is an opportunity to showcase your scalable, feasible, realistic and creative green ideas and solutions that contribute to the advancement of planetary sustainability.
For WEST 2014 Call for Solutions, SSV reached out to organizations and through focus groups sought to understand the barriers to implementing sustainable solutions. These problems were framed into Call for Solutions competition.
There are 11 categories: Energy, Water, Behavior Change, Financial Model/Risk, Leadership, Transportation, Communication, Employee Engagement, Silo Busting, Data Center/Facilities and Out of the Box. Each category comprises of a set of problems except for Out of the Box, which lets you define your own problems and solutions.
This is your opportunity to showcase your creative solution advancing global sustainability. Your solution could be among those selected for special recognition and awards. Enter your innovative solutions that can scale to have game-changing impact on the sustenance of regional and planetary systems.

Call for Solutions Round 1 and Round 2

The Call for Solutions 2014 Round 1 and Round 2 has been concluded. We are no longer accepting new submissions. However if you still wish to submit your solution, we shall consider it for Call for Solutions 2015.
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