Call for Solutions - Frequently Asked Questions


What is ‘Call for Solutions’?

Call for Solutions is a competition for breakthrough solutions and is conducted a part of Sustainable Silicon Valley's annual WEST Summit. This competition is an platform to showcase your sustainable, scalable, game-changing, creative and green solutions that contribute to the advancement of planetary sustainability. We are looking for technology, business models and other innovations that will have significant impact on climate mitigation and/or adaptation. Solutions that take a systems approach are encouraged.

Who can participate in ‘Call for Solutions’ competition?

This competition is open to anyone with a sustainable or green idea.  We invite students , academicians, entrepreneurs, innovators or a company that specializes in green technology or solution to participate in this competition. 

What solution(s) can I submit?

The competition has 10 different categories with various problems listed under it. Participants may submit their solution for one or more of the problems stated. For more details please visit our List of Problems.   

What is 2014 Call for Solutions Round 1 and Round 2?

The 2014 Call for Solutions consists of Round 1 and Round 2 refer to the same competition, but will be conducted and judged independently. The 2014 Call for Solutions Round 2 has been opened to invite more solutions and to provide an opportunity for those who could not participate in Round 1. 

What are the various stages in the competition and their timelines?

Call for Solutions Round 1 concluded in January 2014. Call for Solutions Round 2 is open from May 10th 2014 to Aug 15, 2014. Timetable for Round 2:
  • Submit Solutions: May 10, 2014 to Aug 15, 2014
  • Vote For Solutions: August 10, 2014 to September 10, 2014
  • Semi Finalist Announcement: September 15, 2014
  • Finalist Announcement: @WEST2014 Innovation Summit

Who can participate in 2014 Call for Solutions Round 2?

New participants as well as existing solution providers of Round 1 can submit their solutions for Round 2. 

Can Round 1 solution providers submit the same solution for Round 2?

Round 1 solution providers cannot submit the same solution for Round 2 as their solution would have already been through the Round 1 judging process. They may however submit an improved version of their Round 1 solution or an entirely new solution.

How do I submit my solution? 

To submit your solution please Login to EcoCloud if you are an existing user or Register if you are a new user. View the List of Problems and create your solution or view your solution for one or more problems.

Will my solution remain confidential?

The solutions you submit would be available to the judges and the public during the crowdsourcing phase. Please only submit information that you are willing for others to see.

Who will evaluate/judge the solutions?

The panel of Experts/Judges consist of people from diverse areas including the corporate, government agencies like NASA, university professors , researchers and innovators. For more information please check the Expert Profiles page.  

Will Round 1 and Round 2 have separate winners? 

Yes, Round 1 and Round 2 will be judged separately. A total of 10 finalists will be drawn from all of the solutions submitted in both rounds.

What are the criteria for evaluating my solution(s)?

Please refer to our Review Process page to learn more about the areas that your solution should address and the criteria for the judging process.

How much weight do crowdsourcing voting and expert’s judgement carry?

The crowdsourcing voting results in a recognition of the solution that receives the most support. This is  separate from the expert judges selections.

 When will I see my results?

Come to WEST2014 to hear the results announced live. If you are one of the top 10 finalists you will be able to pitch the VC panel to vie to be the overall winning solution. Top finalists will be notified by the end of September, 2014. You can attend the Refine Your Pitch Workshop on Sept. 19 to get ready for the pitch event and expo. All solution entries are invited to participate in the Innovation Expo at WEST2014. Each solution provider will receive personalized feedback from the judges before WEST2014.

What is in it for me? 

‘Call for Solutions’ competition is a platform to showcase your creative solution addressing global sustainability. It gives you an opportunity to network and collaborate with innovators and companies of the Silicon Valley.
The solution providers will be getting a complimentary pass to participate in ‘Refine your Pitch Workshop’ where you can practice pitching their ideas to venture capitalists. 
The competition winners will get a chance to present their solution during the annual WEST Summit and a discount to attend WEST2014 and to be part of the Showcase of Solutions Expo.
Please contact for any additional queries or information.