Daintree Networks: Pioneering Sustainability with Open Wireless Building Controls and Energy Management

About Daintree Networks

Daintree Networks holds a prominent position in Silicon Valley as the leading supplier of open,intelligent wireless lighting, temperature, plug loads and other controls, for commercial and industrial buildings. These products streamline and optimize the way in which building owners and operators manage and monitor their energy usage. Daintree is headquartered in Silicon Valley, California, and has offices across the U.S. and in Melbourne, Australia.

Corporate buildings consume 40% of the world’s energy. Daintree’s expertise in providing the industry’s smartest Energy Management Solution enables companies to save up to 70% energy, and often more, just by deploying intelligent software and advanced Wireless Technology.

Customers and Industries

While Daintree’s solutions have been adopted in various industries, their main focus is Industrial (Warehouse) buildings, Retail, Banks, Commercial Offices, Sports Complexes, Convention Centers, Schools and Higher Education facilities. Mandeep Khera, Vice President of Marketing & Channels, says, “One of our customers, United Stationers from Sacramento, achieved lighting savings of 94%, which is massive! Another one of our customers is the National Bank of Arizona, which installed LED lighting and air conditioning from LG Electronics and Control Systems from Daintree. We assist mostly large and mid-size customers, in different sectors, including some of the largest US Banks and US Retail chains.”

Sustainability Goals

Daintree believes in helping companies achieve their sustainability goals by equipping them with solutions that not only help them attain savings in terms of energy, productivity improvements, operations and employee productivity, but also reduce their carbon footprint. What began as a small movement, now has hundreds of customers across the board turning to Daintree for their ingenious and successful approach. The economic and environmental impacts of their efforts have earned Daintree multiple awards, including The Grand Pillar Award, one of the highest honors, which was also conferred on Wipro, Cisco Systems Inc., AMD and a few other outstanding companies.

Challenges for achieving sustainability goals

“The first step is creating awareness. Once prospects discover Daintree’s solutions and how we can conserve up to 70% energy, curtail carbon emissions and help with operational excellence, it’s a no brainer; it’s a very quick ROI. I think one of the main challenges for the industry is that most companies do not realize it’s possible to use technology to reduce energy and achieve operational efficiencies. Customers are amazed when they hear me talk about our solution at conferences. Once companies are aware of the potential, and begin using this technology they can create an incredible impact,” explains Mandeep Khera.

ControlScope Solution

PPT-chain26 Daintree’s multi award-winning ControlScope is the industry’s most intelligent, comprehensive and cost-effective solution that provides Building Control and Energy Management in facilities across North America. Lighting control was the company’s main revenue stream initially but now customers can also manage HVAC controls, plug load controls, CO2 monitoring, fans and other devices. Daintree’s unique selling proposition is the fact that it is the only company with solutions that are driven by true open wireless standards. Companies can essentially plug in any energy device that supports the well-known ZigBee wireless standard and can start controlling it. This not only builds a foundation for sustainability but it also forms the basis of the Enterprise Internet of Things™ (E-IoT™) for the long term.

Case Study: United Stationers

Daintree’s ‘Enterprise Internet of Things’ (E-IoT™)

enterpriseThe Enterprise Internet of Things (E-IoT) is machine-to-machine connectivity, or devices connected to one another via the Internet, within the commercial environment. Building controls connect thermostats, plug loads, fans, CO2 sensors, and more, which comprise 80-90% of the connectivity and machine-to-machine conversation within, and among, commercial buildings. In the future, as the customer’s needs expand, such as adding a vending machine or security cameras, Daintree’s ControlScope allows easy connection. The bottom line is that, the ControlScope platform allows the customer to future-proof their entry into E-IoT by continuing to add to and scale their solution.

In the consumer space, Google Nest and Xfinity Home Automation are providing energy efficiency solutions for the home market while Apple is introducing wearables to connect us even further. But on the commercial side, Daintree is one of the few pragmatic solutions in the E-IoT space which can also support monitoring of environmental conditions such as air quality, humidity, food safety, etc. that comprise the networked ecosystem of an organization. As Mandeep Khera says, “Daintree is well equipped for this task because we are one of the few companies that provides a truly open solution.” Learn More about Daintree’s open solution in this ebook.

Note from Mandeep Khera

Khera firmly believes that companies in Silicon Valley must rigorously assess and control their energy usage, to lessen the strain on our resources. “We won’t need to generate as much additional energy with alternate energy sources like solar or other types of biotech-based renewable energy, if we take initiative, build awareness, and implement energy saving measures with the use of technology. Whether companies use our solution or not, is beside the point; they need to take action.”

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- Sulakshna Shrivastava, November 12th, 2014