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ePantry and SSV Join Hands for the Green Economy
Sustainable Silicon Valley has a new partner, ePantry. Welcoming ePantry to the SSV family, Marianna Grossman, Executive Director said, "SSV is delighted to welcome ePantry as a new partner pioneering the green economy and making people's lives easier in the process."
ePantry CEO and founder Stuart Landesberg noted, “We have tremendous respect for SSV's approach, vision, and reach in making sustainability a true front of mind issue around the Silicon Valley ecosystem. ePantry is thrilled to support SSV's efforts and partner to further the positive impact on our communities and far beyond.”
ePantry, an ecommerce company based in San Francisco, focuses on making sustainable goods the most convenient option for consumers. The idea was first hatched by founder Stuart Landesberg in his college days when he noticed students (including himself) always opting to buy the easiest option, even when more sustainable choices existed. With the help of his friends Jordan Savage and Chris Clark, he founded the company in 2012 to see how big of an impact the idea of making conscious products more convenient can have.
To maximize convenience, the company uses demographic and behavioral information and advanced algorithmic logic to predict when a customer will need a series of household products. By choosing ePantry vs. alternatives a family of four saves roughly 2,500 liters of fresh water, a day’s output from 1,200 solar panels, and two large trees.  
"We started shipping method and Mrs. Meyers soap out of a basement -- and it's incredible to now see pallets of product going out and knowing those people are getting great products that have the right values behind them. And, best of all, it's been incredible to hear how happy it makes our customers," said Stuart Landesberg.happycustomer1.png
ePantry's mission is to shrink the environmental footprint of American homes by making sustainably produced household products the most convenient option for busy consumers. Its technology provides each individual with customized ongoing delivery of branded sustainable consumables (e.g. soap, laundry detergent, paper towels). ePantry is based in downtown San Francisco.  www.epantry.com.
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