A Case for a Net Positive East Palo Alto: How Low Income Energy Efficiency Can Help a Community

By Katyayani Rajput

Energy efficiency is no myth. The need for energy efficient homes is more pressing in the case of low income households, given the high energy expenditures in proportion to their incomes. Energy burden is defined as the strain a household endures due to its annual energy expenses. It is calculated by dividing the annual residential energy expenditures by the annual income to determine the percentage of expenditure to income. This important metric determines the impact of energy expenditures on low income households and is a primary factor in determining the federal funding for Low Income Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP) to the states. Read more..


A Quick Guide to Energy Audits 

By Katyayani Rajput

Rising energy bills?  Rocketing usage charges? If these costs ring a bell, then look no further. This is a one-stop guide to help you understand how to reduce these costs to your utility bills. As a homeowner or a commercial building owner, you may have heard the term “energy audits.” However, you may not be aware of the process for energy audits, or the various precautions or costs associated in carrying one out. In this guide, we will examine the core aspects of an audit and understand its immediate implications on our wallets as well as our environment. So let's begin with defining an energy audit. Read more..


East Palo Alto: Uneven Prosperity and the Need for a Green Economy in Silicon Valley

By Katyayani Rajput

Ingenuity in Silicon Valley has been instrumental in driving the Bay Area towards innovation and economic boom. And while technological expansion has created jobs and monetary benefits to the Valley, there exists a 2.6 square-mile land area that is nestled between Menlo Park, Redwood City and Palo Alto that was bypassed by this growth. This is the City of East Palo Alto, a city that has been historically disadvantaged with unjust housing laws and racial segregation. A city faced with many lessons in resiliency, the community has a strong history to prove its dynamism. Yet under the lens, this city shows a staggering level of economic disparity in contrast to its affluent neighboring cities. Read more..

Climate Equity Fund:

Climate Equity Fund: SSV will leverage existing free and low cost programs to bring in further efficiencies, identify weatherizing opportunities, and, in some cases, help install solar panels in these homes. SSV is seeking additional partnership and funding to provide homeowners more substantial energy, and water saving upgrade, devices, and appliances. Read more..