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Prospect Silicon Valley: Connect, Demonstrate, Commercialize

The Bay Area is home to many industry leaders and emerging innovators who are developing the next generation of technology for cities around the world. However, bringing these technologies to market is not easy.  What innovators need is a platform to connect, demonstrate, and commercialize their products. Prospect Silicon Valley (ProspectSV) is the first nonprofit “commercialization catalyst.” Douglas Davenport, the founding Executive Director of ProspectSV, explains that being a commercialization catalyst means “providing resources, expertise, and technology to emerging companies who often have difficulty in accessing these resources.”
ProspectSV stands at the intersection of civic leadership, innovation ecosystems, and industry leaders. With the City of San Jose as its lead partner, ProspectSV was created to support innovators who are developing technologies for clean, smart, and connected cities. The Managing Director of the Technology Demonstration Center Heidi Lubin says, “As an entrepreneur, the opportunity at ProspectSV is tremendous — to have the resources clustered together with access to municipalities and industry is really unique — and it's also great fun to share space among peers with common goals and understanding.”
ProspectSV offers a complete support system to budding technology companies — including access to a $12 million, 23,000 sq. ft. technology demonstration center that includes office and shop floor space, shared lab facilities, a meeting center and an entire suite of commercialization support services. Davenport explains that at ProspectSV, emerging technology companies receive “unique access to a platform where they can connect to potential customers while demonstrating a working prototype to municipalities, including the City of San Jose, and to other stakeholders.”
At ProspectSV, doors will open for emerging companies to gain access to public infrastructure, and companies will have opportunities to build customer relationships and gain brand visibility. For public sector leadership, this is an opportunity to access next generation technology that will allow them to effectively and sustainably manage the ever-growing demand for buildings, transportation, and the supporting infrastructure in our cities.
The goal at ProspectSV is to foster a network of domain leaders, researchers, emerging tech companies, investors and municipalities to develop and scale technologies that will save energy and reduce emissions. The experts at ProspectSV are developing a community to push for sustainable solutions locally, regionally, nationally, and internationally. ProspectSV is extending its efforts to cultivate networks in Ireland, Australia, Canada, and Japan.
Moving forward ProspectSV will continue to focus on addressing the challenges that limit the adoption of new technologies.  Davenport says, “We hope to develop an ecosystem that brings new solutions to the forefront while constantly reaching the heart of the challenge of bringing next generation solutions into the public sphere.”  The goal is to be a catalyst and to accelerate the efforts of emerging companies to bring new technologies to market, and improve the efficiency of our cities.
The grand opening of ProspectSV is Thurs., October 2, 2014.
By Anuja Seith
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