Competition Goal:

Call for Solutions competition aims to bring attention to solutions that catalyze the transition to a regenerative economy and have a vital impact on global sustainability. 

Solutions Should:

   • Address mitigation and adaptation to climate change
   • Be systemic and game changing 
   • Be scalable, adaptable to broad range of conditions
   • Be feasible to implement using current or new technology
   • Include a clear business model or plan for success

Review Process Overview:

The following are the criteria for judging the submissions:


   1. Connection to given problems
• Assessing the relevancy of the solution proposed to one or more of the given problems
   2. Quality of proposed solution
• Assessing the creativity, application, scalability and feasibility of a solution. Additionally, assessing how the solution mitigates side effects or risks.
   3. Implementation Strategy
• Assessing a solution's implementation strategy, plan for financing and metrics to assess its success.  
• Solution descriptions should include plans for assessing achievement of these goals.
The solutions you submit would be available to the judges and the public during the crowd sourcing phase. Please contact for any further queries or information on the same.


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