Santa Clara Valley Transportation Authority

VTA Helps Keep the Valley Green

As both a transit provider and a multi-modal transportation planning organization, Santa Clara Valley Transportation Authority (VTA) is driven by a strong commitment to environmental sustainability. On the operations side, VTA is replacing older buses that are at the end of their useful life with hybrid diesel-electric vehicles. One-third of VTA’s bus fleet has been converted to hybrids resulting in 25 percent better fuel economy and reduced air emissions.
Lighting-VTAOn the facilities side, VTA is retrofitting maintenance bays, offices, and station platforms with energy efficient lighting. High Pressure Sodium lights are being replaced with LEDs which offer better light quality and reduce costs. Electric Vehicle Charging Stations have been installed at the River Oaks Division and are planned for installation at Eastridge Transit Center. On the planning side, VTA continues to advocate for transit-oriented development that meets the needs of our growing population and economy. Projects are underway to improve light rail efficiency, implement Bus Rapid Transit, and relieve congestion on local highways.
VTA has also installed solar through an innovative group power purchase agreement facilitated by the County of Santa Clara and the Joint Venture Silicon Valley Network. They have also installed many water saving measures for landscaping and vehicle cleaning protocols.
VTA is a long time partner of Sustainable Silicon Valley.
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