By Bruce Naegel September 2018

Next Mountain View Candidate Forum 2018 on September 26

Candidates are participating in Candidate Forums to express their views. Mountain View had its first Candidate Forum on August 30. The second Candidate Forum will be on Wednesday, September 26th, 4:00 pm to 5:15 pm with a reception following See details below.

Why Candidate Forums are important

Candidate Forums provide a way to hear from the candidates themselves. The format used in Mountain View presented the same question to all six candidates. One gets a comparison on how each candidate feels about a specific issue.  There are similar forums in other cities besides Mountain View.

What happened at the August 30 Candidate Forum?

Bruce Humphries, head of the Mountain View Chamber of Commerce, emceed the event.  There are 6 candidates for three open seats on the council:

Alison Hicks                  Candidate
John Inks                      Candidate
Ellen Kamei                   Candidate
Lucas Ramirez               Candidate
Pat Showalter                Current Council Member of Mountain View
Lenny Siegel                 Current Mayor of Mountain View

The four candidates who are not currently on the council have experience in other activities that qualify them to be a candidate. Note: This order from left to right is how the candidates appear in the picture above.

Candidates and sustainability.

Those of us who spend time on sustainability look at candidates through a sustainability lens. Mountain View has led in sustainability on several fronts.  However, there is more to go. We still must get to the goals for 2050 (80% reduction in GHG).   From my perspective, four of the six candidates presented messaging that emphasized their programs would be in part to address sustainability. They are Alison Hicks, Lucas Ramirez, Pat Showalter, and Lenny Siegel.

Sustainability, housing, buildings, and transportation

Senate Bill SB 350 states a goal for California to be at a GHG level 40% below 2005’s level (1). The level for 2050 is 80% below. The three main sources of GHG in general are power generation, transportation, and buildings.  Mountain View receives most of its power from Silicon Valley Clean Energy, which is carbon free. That leaves the GHG from transportation and buildings.

Land Use is key to both transportation and building GHG. We can make new building construction all electric. That will address the buildings themselves.

We can also specify land use options to encourage personal modes of transportation (walking, bicycle scooters). We need to get people out of single occupancy vehicles to the degree possible to minimize the coming traffic congestion.

That also means better mass transit and innovative solutions like upgraded ride share. These are concepts discussed during the meeting.  There was discussion about charging for parking. There were several references to the ESTF-2 (Environmental Sustainability Task Force) report.  The EST-2 report contains recommendations to enable Mountain View to meet the 2030 GHG goals.

Choosing the right candidates for office:

If you live in Mountain View, you can go to the two remaining Candidate Forums. If you live in a city other than Mountain View, there are other resources available in these cities. You can also refer to their web sites to find out more about the candidates.

Candidate Forum Discussion
Candidate Forum Discussion after the presentations
More discussion
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Detail on remaining forums:

Mountain View

Wednesday, September 26th, 4:00 pm to 5:15 pm with a reception following: The League of Women Voters will be hosting a MV City Council candidate forum at Charlie’s Café at Google in Mountain View.

Monday, October 15, 2018, Meet and Greet 6:30PM-7:00PM. Forum 7:00PM-8:30PM: Old Mountain View Neighborhood Association (OMVNA) Campaign Forum, Mountain View Public Library Community Room, 585 Franklin St. Open to all interested persons.

Other forums

The League of Women Voters site has other Candidate Forums listed here: