Sustainable Silicon Valley would like to acknowledge the great work being done by one of of our newest members: Indra Designs Inc.

Indra Designs Inc. is a Bay Area company that specializes in sustainable water management and landscape irrigation systems.   Indra Designs is unique in that it both designs and installs these systems. The company also offers consulting and project management services.  

One of Indra Designs Inc.’s most interesting recent projects has focused on a rainwater toilet flushing system for Building 91 of the Alameda Brewery.  This system, which was completed at the end of last year, involves collecting and storing rainwater in a 10,000 gallon tank, and utilizing the water for toilet flushing.  Prior to storage, the rainwater is filtered to meet NSF 350 standards. The system is projected to save about 90,000 gallons of potable water annually. The system also features state of the art technology including flow, pressure and level sensors which monitor all components of the system, and alert Indra Designs through text message and email if a problem arises, making possible a quick resolution of the issue.

Alameda Brewery, Building 91. Photo Credit: Indra Designs Inc.

Quoting principal of Indra Designs Inc., Tony Madrone, on the project’s significance:

“The reason I like this system so much is that although it saves more than 90,000 gallons of potable water per year, it was also needed by the developer to meet the LID requirements necessary to develop his property.  It takes rainwater collection from just ecologically minded people to also include economically minded people, which will lead to greater water savings, and that is the end goal.”

Tony Madrone also explained to SSV his inspiration for founding the company in 2011.  Mr. Madrone began his professional career as a landscape contractor. Through this experience, he developed a personal appreciation for the large-scale waste of water resources taking place through traditional landscape irrigation practices.  These observations, and his desire to improve the status quo, caused Tony Madrone to become especially interested in highly efficient irrigation systems and practices. Mr. Madrone’s passion in this area ultimately lead him to create Indra Designs Inc., with the goal of reducing water resource waste, and helping to make water systems for landscaping and buildings more sustainable.

In addition to its commercial scale sustainable water management projects such as Building 91 of the Alameda Brewery, Indra Designs also has an impressive portfolio of residential projects.  Among the residential systems that the company designs and installs are greywater systems, rainwater collection systems, irrigation systems, and on-site water reuse monitoring systems. The company also consults on native plant selections.

Sustainable Silicon Valley greatly appreciates Indra Designs Inc.’s substantial contribution through the work they do towards a more water resilient bay area.