Your Brand; Living a Sustainable LIFE


What Sustainable Life Means To Us

SSV created Sustainable Life so we could promote products we truly stand behind. SSV aims to promote sustainable living in all that we do. We want our community around us to be more aware of the sustainable options that exist.


Why We Started

SSV envisions to create an information hub where we can promote brands and products that align with our mission as a non-profit. Positioned along the SF Peninsula, SSV wants to tap into the influencer marketing network in our area to promote greater good.


Sustainable Life Preview

It's a wonderful, Sustainable Life. Check out our brands!

I would like to introduce you to Sustainable Silicon Valley (SSV) and a unique promotional idea to get your products in front of consumers who value a sustainable lifestyle.
For the past 20 years, SSV has operated as a “think & do” tank, a force connecting research and thought leadership around a healthy, prosperous, California clean energy economy. Silicon Valley is famously more a state of mind than a region, so we are now launching SSV Sustainable Life, working with select brands and social media influencers to promote everyday mindfully sustainable lifestyle choices. We want to supply news everyone can use, tell great stories, feature great brands and we would like you to be a big part of it.



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Here’s how our program works:

  •  You send us product (we try to work with our influencers in batches of five)
  • We collaborate with carefully curated emerging influencers matched to both your brand and SSV’s Sustainable Life vision
  • Our influencers showcase your product to tens of thousands of their followers, and provide an incentive/discount mechanism (seasonal promo, coupon code, BOGO, etc. that fits your promotional policy)
  • Interested followers click through to an SSV Sustainable Life landing page featuring your brand with a link to your store site
  • A small percentage of the sale would be donated back to SSV in support of our outreach program.

Our Program in Action

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