Sustainable Silicon Valley is honored to have PTG Water & Energy as a sponsor for No Drop Left Behind. PTG specializes in integrating water and energy operations of municipal and industrial facilities, creating water-energy platforms that reduce waste, cut costs, and ultimately deliver attractive returns on investment.

PTG is known for novel innovation using cogeneration technology, whereby waste heat, from onsite electricity generation, is utilized for additional processes rather than being allowed to escape into the environment.   For example, PTG Combined Heat and Power (CHP) systems, divert the hot exhaust gases from on-site electricity generation to heat water. The resulting hot water is essentially free to produce, and can serve as an input to other industrial processes.

PTG’s patented wastewater disinfection system, also cleverly utilizes cogeneration. In this system, the exhaust heat from on-site electricity generation is continually reused to heat and thereby efficiently disinfect wastewater. The system runs on either onsite renewable biogas, or low-cost natural gas, and results in a much lower electricity demand for the wastewater treatment facility.

PTG Water & Energy’s technologies are very positive from a sustainability perspective, because they greatly increase the efficiency of resource use by reducing waste and supporting water reuse. This means less consumption and greenhouse gas emissions.