WEST 2014, Join Conversations for Action

GilNet Positive - Cities

Gil Friend, founder of Natural Logic, is now Chief Sustainability Officer of the City of Palo Alto. How to make a City Net Positive. This is a discussion for elected officials and senior city staff on how they can set ambitious goals. Click here for more.


Brian Shaw, Stanford, Breaking the solo driving habit: It’s a team effort. Transportation Demand Management, active commuting, shared rides and transit, infrastructure, and policy...


Speakers at West 2014: Net Positive Call to Action

MayorR. Rex Parris, Mayor of Lancaster California.
Click here to get to know the Mayor of California’s biggest energy boom town.

neilNeill Duffy, Sustainability Advisor for the San Francisco Bay Area Super Bowl 50 Host Committee. Click here to meet Neill Duffy as he shares how he grew passionate about the role sports can play in society while living South Africa.

Featured Partners

Current: SAP

Changing Minds Through an Integrative Approach

At Sustainable Silicon Valley’s annual summit, WEST 2014: Net Positive Call to Action, Senior Vice President of Sustainability Strategies at SAP, Thomas Odenwald, spearheaded a Conversation for Action titled “Data & Metrics”. Thomas used the announcement of SSV’s new initiative, Net Positive Bay Area, with the goal of making the Bay Area a net positive region by 2050, as a launch pad for the discussion. Read more.

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Add your voice to the sustainability community and come learn from experts for different domains. The EcoCloud Blog is an excellent platform for enabling enterprises to share and discuss monumental ideas.

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A project of Sustainable Silicon Valley (SSV) in conjunction with public and private sector partners, EcoCloud is a virtual space where you can connect with Silicon Valley business leaders, industry experts, researchers and policy makers--striving to make our enterprises and our region more ecologically, equitably, and economically sustainable.

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To support our partners in achieving their goals, some of the resources SSV provides are:

  • Educational forums on a wide range of environmental and energy topics
  • Ongoing exchange of best practices
  • Training in “green” practices

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