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Silicon Valley is the cradle of technology that drives economic and social revolution and transformation. Why not direct that disruptive ingenuity towards breakthroughs that generate a better future? At WEST 2014: Net Positive Call to Action companies, institutions, municipalities, entrepreneurs, nonprofits and individuals will learn how speakers and panelists are connecting problems with breakthrough solutions; “Call for Solution” finalists will compete before a panel of experts and VCs; and an Expo of entrepreneurs will showcase their work, as the images of SSV’s “Call to Art” illuminate the event. The event will conclude with lively and engaging facilitated small group discussions for action on targeted topics. Join us and participate.
Event Highlights
Visionary Keynote Speaker Mayor R. Rex Parris of Lancaster, CA, will share how he and his community are creating one of the first "Net Zero Cities" in the world.
Neill Duffy, Sustainability Advisor for the San Francisco Bay Area Super Bowl 50 Host Committee, will explain why they are inspired to create a net zero event.
Chief of Earth Science Division at NASA - Ames, Steve Hipskind will present latest climate science, and news on NASA Earth Venture missions.
Gil Friend is City of Palo Alto's Chief Sustainability Officer and widely considered one of the founders of the sustainable business movement.
Andrew “Drew” Clark is the Director of Strategy at IBM Venture Capital Group and is a top strategist for IBM's key business imperatives including Energy & Environment.
Marianna Grossman is the Executive Director of Sustainable Silicon Valley will announce SSV's new initiative, Net Positive.
What if we could generate more renewable energy than we use, sequester more carbon than we emit, use the water we have locally, and address sea level rise all by the year 2050? Sustainable Silicon Valley believes that with ingenuity and collaboration we can accelerate climate action. Working together, companies, communities and researchers can invent and implement transformational solutions to achieve breakthrough results.

Net Positive Bay Area is an action-oriented initiative to build a regenerative Net Positive region by 2050. SSV seeks to create a framework that sparks a common vision and to catalyze profound systemic change in advancing regional sustainability.

Governer Jerry Brown at WEST 2013
Governer Jerry Brown's Call to Action on Climate Change at WEST Summit 2013
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