A Landmark Water Reuse Agreement Takes Shape

Sustainable Silicon Valley has long championed innovative approaches to water use & reuse along with regional governmental cooperation and smart, sustainable efforts to ensure a clean and plentiful Bay Area water supply. The proposed agreement between Valley Water, the City of Mountain View and the City of Palo Alto checks a lot of these boxes. […]

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Got Coast? Clean it up!

Last week the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency released a draft of its National Water Reuse Action Plan at the WaterReuse Symposium in San Diego. It makes sense for national leadership to align their planning with the framework of US Water Alliance One Water, UN Sustainability goals and other initiatives. After all, 80% of states across […]

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Air Quality Forum in East Palo Alto

By Bruce Naegel  October 2019 On Friday October 4, Greenaction and YUCA (Youth United for Community Action) provided an Air Quality and Traffic  forum for East Palo Alto.  This forum enabled residents to hear about and comment  on East Palo Alto  Air Quality and  Traffic. The two groups described  previous measurements that need to be repeated. […]

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