Youth and the Climate Emergency

Photo of Climate Strike September 20, 2019 in Mountain View, CA.  Many of use recognize we have a climate emergency. However, the CoP (Conference of Parties)  in Madrid  produced little to go forward with.1  The conditions are accelerating the Climate Emergency, but we are standing aside. Instead of action, we  are letting the climate emergency […]

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Mountain View City Council

Be Thankful for REACH Codes

It is the Thanksgiving season, a time to count blessings. So, those who are concerned about minimizing GHGs (Green House Gases) are looking to REACH codes to reduce GHGs from buildings. They are thankful REACH codes can do this. So, how does that work? REACH codes amend the building code that determines how  a building […]

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REACH beyond Title 24 for electric new buildings

By Bruce Naegel December 2018 Cities implement REACH codes (local building ordinances) for stricter environmental standards than the standard building code (Title 24 Section 6) (1). For example, cities write REACH codes for lighting, PV solar and energy efficiency.  Then, cities release REACH codes as part of the Title 24 release. The latest Title 24 […]

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SAFE process Equipment

Can the SAFE process turn food scraps into money?

From left to right; Jennifer Thompson, SSV, Louie Pellegrini Cofounder SAFE, Bruce Naegel, SSV, Michelle Marin, SSV Lauren Swezey. Facebook, Cindy Clark, SSV SAFE stands for Sustainable Alternative Feed Enterprises.  So, the SAFE process recycles food scraps and creates products with demand within the US.   Unlike other recycling segments, this is a bright spot in the […]

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Governor Brow B-55-18

B-55-18 launches carbon neutral California

B-55-18 leads California to carbon neutrality by 2045. Yes, it is not easy. However, California leads in climate initiatives. Therefore, we need to do this for California and for all of us. B-55-18’s strong foundation First, before announcing B-55-18, Governor Brown signed SB 100. SB 100 states California’s electrical energy will be generated ONLY by […]

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Packsize CEO Hanko Kiessner

Excessive Packaging Dilemma

By Michelle Marin  September 2018 Online Shopping and Packaging The number one online shopping customer complaint is not hard to guess. It is excessive packaging. Few people will find the tale of a three-inch battery arriving in a 12″ x 9” x 6” box alarming. Indeed, many people have experienced something similar. The tech industry […]

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Blockfest 01

Blockfest 2018

By Bruce Naegel September 2018 Blockfest celebrates East Palo Alto service Blockfest is an annual celebration of services available to the residents of East Palo Alto and other nearby cities. The Ecumenical Hunger Program (EHP) provides this forum every year. EHP supplies a wide range of services (food, appliances, furniture, clothing and beyond) to those […]

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SunWork crew

Yes you can install solar

  By Bruce Naegel September 2018 Next SunWork Training is on September 22 in Milpitas. (1)  See the end of this article for signing up. Occasionally, you get the opportunity to do something physical to help the environment. How about installing solar on a roof top to increase the amount of renewable electricity?  It doesn’t cost you […]

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Six Candidates

Election Season = Candidate Forums

By Bruce Naegel September 2018 Next Mountain View Candidate Forum 2018 on September 26 Candidates are participating in Candidate Forums to express their views. Mountain View had its first Candidate Forum on August 30. The second Candidate Forum will be on Wednesday, September 26th, 4:00 pm to 5:15 pm with a reception following See details […]

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City Hall where the climate plan happened

Mountain View’s Climate Plan

California set ambitious climate goals with bills like SB 350.  In Mountain View’s case this means a 37% reduction in GHG, s comparing 2030 levels to 2005 levels.   Cities and county governments must translate these goals into climate plans.  Mountain View’s ESTF-2 (Environmental Sustainability Task Force) took on this task. The first ESTF met 10 […]

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