SunWork crew

Yes you can install solar

  By Bruce Naegel September 2018 Next SunWork Training is on September 22 in Milpitas. (1)  See the end of this article for signing up. Occasionally, you get the opportunity to do something physical to help the environment. How about installing solar on a roof top to increase the amount of renewable electricity?  It doesn’t cost you […]

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Six Candidates

Election Season = Candidate Forums

By Bruce Naegel September 2018 Next Mountain View Candidate Forum 2018 on September 26 Candidates are participating in Candidate Forums to express their views. Mountain View had its first Candidate Forum on August 30. The second Candidate Forum will be on Wednesday, September 26th, 4:00 pm to 5:15 pm with a reception following See details […]

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City Hall where the climate plan happened

Mountain View’s Climate Plan

California set ambitious climate goals with bills like SB 350.  In Mountain View’s case this means a 37% reduction in GHG, s comparing 2030 levels to 2005 levels.   Cities and county governments must translate these goals into climate plans.  Mountain View’s ESTF-2 (Environmental Sustainability Task Force) took on this task. The first ESTF met 10 […]

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All Electric Home, Dream Delivered Today

By Bruce Naegel  June 2018 All Electric Home, Dream delivered today Why an All l Electric Home? As the grid has cleaner electricity, the All Electric Home becomes more relevant. The electricity supplied to the Bay Area has very low carbon content.  Cities like Palo Alto and those in the SVCE (Silicon Valley Clean Energy) […]

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Energy and Sustainability Crowd at Plug and Play

Energy and Sustainability Startup Companies

By Bruce Naegel  June 2018 Plug and Play’s (1) Summer Summit 2018 featured Energy and Sustainability startup companies.  Plug and Play uses the Summit to promote and accelerate their client startup companies. Plug and Play states they are the largest startup accelerator. Their main office is in Sunnyvale CA and they have branches around the […]

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Earth Day, Spread the Joy

By Bruce Naegel May 2018 Earth Day represents a great day to look at our options to save the planet and have a better life.  We can make every day Earth Day with  changes in our lives. SSV (Sustainable Silicon Valley) participated in Earth Days in 2018, East Palo Alto, Fenwick and West, Google, Palo Alto, and Santa Clara.  […]

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Save Energy-Eern Money

Earth Day Actions 2018

By Bruce Naegel  April 2018 Earth Day is a good time to look at options that can help save the planet and save money.  Remember, Every Day is Earth Day.   The suggestions listed below have references for more information. The author has used all of them. Enjoy!  Save Energy & Earn Money   When electricity […]

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