Press Conferen

Announcing San José’s Climate Smart Plan

By Bruce Naegel  February 2017   On February 15, Mayor Sam Liccardo held a press conference announcing San José’s Climate Smart plan. With television coverage from ABC (1) and CBS (2), he presented San José’s path to the Paris Climate Accord.    San José will present the Climate Smart plan at a town meeting Feb 20 […]

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CCEs show Government in Action

By Bruce Naegel December 2017 CCE (Community Choice Energy) (1) programs are non-profit semi government organizations supplying electricity to households and businesses. They have regular meetings, that are open to the public. Here is a view of a board meeting for SVCE (2), the CCE supplying electricity to residents in Santa Clara County. SVCE (Silicon […]

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Mountain View’s Environmental Power Team (ESTF)

By Bruce Naegel   October 2017 Mountain View’s Environmental Power Team (ESTF)   The first ESTF (Environmental Sustainability Task Force) started their work in 2007. ESTF1 results drove environmental action in Mountain View over the last 10-years. California, the county, and the city moved forward since 2007.   Mountain View’s goal setting process in 2017 kept Sustainability […]

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Electric Caltrain

San José Grand Vision Sustainability Plan

By Bruce Naegel  September 2017 The Grand Vision San José is working on a grand vision sustainability plan  integrated with the San Jose 2040 Master Plan.  Business consultant PWC (Price Waterhouse Cooper) leads this effort. Relevant to this discussion, PWC brings the experience of crafting sustainability plans for Los Angeles and New York City. PWC […]

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Managing Climate Change in the Trump Era

By Bruce Naegel, July 2017 Climate Change in the Trump Era was the kick-off presentation for Silicon Valley Energy Summit (SVES) 2017 (1)(2). Jonathan Pershing, program director—environment, Hewlett Foundation, presented the excellent talk. His experience includes being the former lead US negotiator to the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC). SVES is a yearly energy […]

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Silicon Valley Energy Summit and the Future of Energy

By Bruce Naegel, July 2017 Stanford University’s Precourt Energy Efficiency Center holds the Silicon Valley Energy Summit yearly. The event covered: Climate change in the Trump Era An Oxford style debate on fracking Financing and policy issues to deliver technology The state of technology solutions The new federal administration is a challenge to addressing climate change. […]

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You Have a Vice

You Really Can Make Your Voice Count

By Bruce Naegel, May 2017 We’re a few months into the new administration in Washington, and many of us have anxiety about the path ahead. Regardless, you really can make your voice count. Before providing some suggestions on how to do this, let’s examine a success story: MCE Clean Energy. The MCE Success Story MCE […]

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