The Green in LinkedIn

By Devika Garg, September 2015. “Environmental stewardship is critical for the sustainability of our company and it’s also really important for our talent,” said Katie Ferrick, Senior Manager of Community Relations at LinkedIn. “People want to go to work for a company that has a good environmental reputation.” Ferrick also serves as Planning Commissioner for […]

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Electric Vehicles

Electric Vehicles Could Power the Grid

by Devika Garg, July 2015. Green, quiet and now a workhorse for the power grid – the electric car just keeps getting better. Range anxiety and charging hassles apart, owning an electric vehicle (EV) may finally pay off in the near future. Energy experts from Tesla, EVGrid, Google and the SLAC National Laboratory discussed how […]

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A Bright Future for Solar – Interview with Intersolar CEO

By Gilee Corral, September 2015. The solar energy market is heating up, and the future is looking equally bright for solar’s signature industry event: Intersolar. Intersolar is more than an industry conference. With over 20 years in the business of promoting the solar market, Intersolar is now in four continents. After attending Intersolar events, government […]

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