Did you know that doing laundry contributes to the plastic pollution in our bodies of water? 

Yes! When you wash your synthetic clothing–any material blend not cotton, linen, silk, wool, leather or hemp–in the laundry, teeny, tiny flecks of plastic (called microplastics) travel through the water system and flow into natural bodies of water, affecting the aquatic environments and biomes. 

What can be done? 

Just as humans can invent the problems, so they can invent the solutions: 

Cora Balls are laundry balls that you can throw into a load of laundry to catch around 25% of the microplastics your laundry gives off–so buying more than one can only help–and great for people wanting to remain nimble in their place of residence.

The GuppieFriendⓇ Laundry Bags are similarly portable like the Cora-Balls, just a different form to suit your laundry preferences. 

The Lint LUV-R is an instrument that requires installation, so a great solution for those that have a permanent place of residence or are home-owners.

There are many solutions to the increasing amount of microplastics in our water sources, and these laundry gadgets can do a lot to offset your microplastic contribution. An alternative to the laundry gadgets is buying natural clothing and washing your clothes less is another way to accomplish the same shared goal of keeping our planet clean.

Photo credit: Ekaterina Belinskaya via Pexels