SSV Joins the Smart Surfaces Coalition

Sustainable Silicon Valley is partnering with the national Smart Surfaces Coalition to help cities make “smart” surface decisions by demonstrating the value of common sense solutions that manage the sun and rain. By using Smart Surfaces where appropriate, cities around the world can reduce extreme summer heat by several degrees, stem flooding, combat climate change, improve public health, create jobs, and advance equity—all while saving money.

“The Smart Surface Coalition study offers great clarity in solving the tricky math of valuing urban and suburban surfaces, which is critical for governments trying to stretch their budget dollars longer and wider,” said Sustainable Silicon Valley‘s Dennis Murphy, Director of the Water & Sustainable Life programs. “This approach quantifies the multi-benefits, offers a new window on project evaluation and relates well to our community-scale development framework we are developing with the San Jose State University Sbona Honors Program.

The Stockton case study demonstrates a very effective pathway for urban cooling, equity, and resilience and demonstrates how we can put this into action across California’s hot and dry climates that are suffering and need help now. We have a choice between suffering and thriving, Californians should choose to prioritize health, equity and prosperity and adopt this strategy ASAP.”

The Smart Surface Coalition Stockton Report was developed on a cost-benefit framework used in four other US cities to aid in policy and decision making. This analysis, in addition to valuing costs and benefits of surface implementation, will also evaluate the emissions and temperature reduction impact for a set of Smart Surfaces adoption scenarios.

Creating a cost-benefit analytical tool for city-specific Smart Surfaces scenarios will enable policymakers to understand that implementing Smart Surfaces on a city-wide scale can help the city combat its biggest challenges around climate change and inequality. 

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