Peter Bain

Mr. Peter Bain leads SSV's membership program. Peter’s involvement with SSV is driven by his passion for environmental concerns and the belief that citizens, educators, businesses, and local government can join forces to align interests for a more sustainable future.

Peter is the Co-Founder and CEO of BrightWater HDC, a Bay Area startup focused on advanced water treatment for municipal, industrial, and agricultural applications. BrightWater HDC’s technology is a chemical-free process for removal and destruction of contaminants improving environmental stewardship of one of the Bay Area’s most valuable natural resources.

Following a successful career at Clorox, Nintendo, GoPro, and PAX, Peter has dedicated the past three years advancing the technology of water treatment, management, and environmental stewardship.  Peter is an active Angel investor across a variety of technologies including AI, FinTech, and advanced Infrastructure projects.  He currently serves on the Board of RUTC, Bay Area organization focusing on supporting young adults struggling with their wellness, education, and mental health issues. He is a graduate of Boston University with a degree in Finance and Operations Management.