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Sustainable Silicon Valley is thrilled to report that our first Water Symposium in September 2015 was an enormous success! Attendance, interest and sponsorships exceeded all expectations. Building on this success, we are holding a Spring Water Symposium: Resilience and Reuse, on Monday, May 23rd at the state-of-the-art Intuit Cook Campus Center in Mountain View. This exciting event will bring together prominent water technology experts with key government, water agency, and corporate leaders. The Symposium will showcase a range of design and technology systems for treating, monitoring, and reusing water for non-potable purposes in commercial and multifamily buildings. Presenters will share successful case studies. Of course, being in Silicon Valley, there will be a special emphasis on the role of the tech campus in water resiliency. Presenters will highlight creative programs that have engaged and inspired employee participation, which exponentially increases impact.

Who should attend:

  • Tech Companies: Sustainability and Facilities divisions
  • City/County planners, public works and regulators
  • Local and state water agencies
  • Water Purveyors
  • SSV Members
  • Policy Makers/Elected officials
  • Public sector facilities
  • Developers, owners, and property managers
  • Construction design/engineering firms and water service companies
  • Water reuse technology manufacturers and installers

Reasons to sponsor:

  • Showcase your product and services to 250+ water technology industry leaders during the three month campaign and at the event
  • Connect with 250+ attendees who are leaders and innovators from government and industry during the lunch, at the expo, and the wine reception
  • Be recognized as a thought leader in water resiliency in the Silicon Valley.

SSV’s 2015 Water Symposium attracted over 200 attendees, and 90% of attendees who responded to a survey cited the symposium as “highly exceeding their expectations” or was “above their expectations.”