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Thank you for participating in SSV’s “Spring Water Symposium: Resilience and Reuse” on May 23, 2016 at the Intuit Cook Campus Center. The event was a great success thanks to the distinguished speakers, eminent panelists, moderators, generous sponsors, exhibitors, and amazing attendee turnout. Thank you to our generous host, Intuit, and to all of our sponsors.

The symposium brought together cities, counties, technologists, researchers, regulators, and decision makers for a stimulating discussion on water reuse and resilience in California. This half-day event had two panel discussions interspersed with speaker presentations that offered great insights on innovations and programs, while the two-minute pitches on new technologies and solutions made for lively engagement.

SSV is on the outset of a journey to create a water recycling ecosystem in the Bay Area that will create jobs, wealth, sustain businesses– all while doing the right thing. We hope you will join us in our water reuse efforts and consider joining SSV as a member.

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