WET 6: Exploring the Maven’s Notebook

On a December day in 2021, Chris “The Maven” Austin met with SSV’s Water Director Dennis Murphy to chat about all things water in California.  Chris has been publishing Maven’s Notebook since 2013 and has been aggregating California water news since 2007.  CA Water 101 is one of numerous informative resources that can be found on the Maven’s Notebook web site of California’s water news reported in an independent, neutral manner. Trusted and supported by its readers. 

Pop quiz time:

  • Where does California’s water come from?
  • What percent of California’s water evaporates as it flows around the state (evapotranspiration)?
  • What percent of the non-evaporated,  transported water (from California snow/rain) is used for each of the following: agriculture, Central Valley streams, and urban/suburban uses?
  • What percent of California’s snow/rainwater flows into Northern California and Central Coast rivers and streams?

Maven’s Notebook CA Water 101 contains answers to these questions as well as basic information to raise your knowledge about Groundwater, the Delta, the Statewide Planning Process, and a  Guide to California Water Rights.  

Here is a recent sampling of tasty morsels found by searching Maven’s Notebook for Bay Area news:

On the innovation front, here is a recap of a recent webinar: Remote Sensing Technologies and Water Resilience

So whether you are looking for a primer on the California water industry or in-depth coverage on a particular sector or geographical area, Maven’s Notebook is an excellent, independent and trusted resource. 

Pop Quiz answers to the CA water basics questions can be found here

  • Most of California’s water comes from the Sierra snowpack, which has been warming steadily.
  • More than half of California-sourced water evaporates as it flows around the state. 
  • Roughly 54% , 32%, & 14% respectively
  • About 10% (20 MAF)
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