Sustainable Life Blog Posts: One Whole Year in One Article

We've checked this list twice...

Last year we published a blog article entitled Home for the Holidays that included a number of sustainable tips for the holiday season. Well, the happy days are here again, and we think that these suggestions still help, so take a look. And in case you missed anything or just want a recap, here’s a look back at other blog posts this year.

El Niño 

It is looking like our first major Winter weather pattern is forming for later December. We addressed preparing for increasingly dire conditions becoming  common in our area: flooding, wildfires, and earthquakes in Winter’s Coming: Things to Consider to Weather the Storm(s).

Ring in an Electrifying New Year

The Inflation Reduction Act (IRA) was passed in August 2022, but it has taken a while for state programs to roll out. While the tax credits are in place for 2023, 2024 is a key year. We published a number of articles about researching and planning your move(s) and you can count on more posts when more solid program info is available in the new year.

Inflation Reduction Act Update: Patience, Patience…

Earth Month Resolution: Start Your IRA Electrification Plan Now!

Energy Storage for Your Home

Experience power outages last winter? Here are some things you can do.

Moving Towards the Light: Home Backup Power Systems

2024: The Year of the EV

Electric vehicles are also incentivized by the IRA, but getting the full rebate depends on a number of factors. And we go deep in the material sourcing and chemistry beyond Li-On.

EV Decision Factors: Checking All the Boxes

EV Charging, the Front & the Back

EV Battery Considerations: Chemistry & Mining

New Year’s Resolution: Improve Your Air Quality

Air quality is a major focus area for SSV, and we covered steps to breathe easier in your home environment. We are also proud to have created the Youth Air Quality Advocates (YAQA) program, funded by the California Air Resources Board (CARB).

Breathing Easier: Improving Your Indoor Air Quality

Empowering Future Eco-Minded Citizens: SSV’s Youth Air Quality Advocates Program

And More! Sundry Blog Items

SSV’s Greg Larkins wrote about his personal travel experiences and tips, as well as transforming his yard and landscape with help from the water district.

Paradise by Bus: Getting Around Oahu

Turning Brown to Go Greenpreparing for the increasingly