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The High Social Costs of “Cheap” Artificial Turf

Students and their parents pay for artificial turf injuries. A great deal of public money has been spent by school boards and park departments on artificial turf fields over the past decade. The consensus thinking was that the high initial investment would be offset by greatly reduced water use and maintenance costs over the fields’ […]

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Fake Plastic Fields: Not Good for Anyone

Sustainable Silicon Valley strongly recommends investing budget, maintenance and water resources in natural grass athletic fields and replacing synthetic turf fields with natural, living grass as they wear out. This transition is essential to prioritizing the well-being of playing field users– children, teenagers, and adults– and to fostering a healthier environment and aligns with practices adopted […]

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Paradise by Bus: Getting Around Oahu

The sun and sand on Lanikai Beach. My wife and I have challenged ourselves to always use local mass transit to get around every destination we visit on vacation. We recently traveled to the Hawaiian island of Oahu and we had no problems meeting that commitment; from getting to and from the airport and the […]

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Turning Brown to Go Green

Turning Brown to Go Green by Greg Larkins We always pride ourselves on having one of the nicer yards on the block. Something I inherited from my father, who had my brother and I always doing yard work while all the other kids were playing down the street. I thought then that when I grew […]

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Seriously Saving Water: From Barrels to Cisterns

Richard Vogel / Associated Press Build your own rainwater harvesting system for outdoor use Let’s start with a quiz: say you have a roof that measures 1700 square feet (average for the US) and your area has a rainstorm that yields half an inch, how much water can you potentially collect with a home rainwater […]

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