The Green in LinkedIn

By Devika Garg, September 2015. “Environmental stewardship is critical for the sustainability of our company and it’s also really important for our talent,” said Katie Ferrick, Senior Manager of Community Relations at LinkedIn. “People want to go to work for a company that has a good environmental reputation.” Ferrick also serves as Planning Commissioner for […]

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Rethinking Stormwater in the Concrete Jungle

By Lily Forest, November 2013. Is your organization’s building or campus part of the stormwater problem or part of the solution? Read on for how to score sustainability points and reduce maintenance costs by actively managing stormwater. Stormwater management is important in city planning, not only to reduce flooding in cities, but also because of its effect […]

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California’s New Water Management Tool

By Natalia Timakova, May 2015. As California is facing the risk of a fifth year of drought, and Governor Brown has issued an Executive Order mandating a 25% reduction in water use statewide, there is still no widely used classification that distinguishes a sustainable water management strategy from unsustainable one. On April 21st, at SSV’s […]

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