Whack-a-Waste: California’s Evolving Laws on Refuse

In California’s ongoing battle against single-use plastics, efforts to eradicate plastic bags have been a game of Whack-a-Mole. Just as one type of disposable bag is banned, another emerges in its place, challenging legislators and environmental advocates to keep pace with the ever-evolving landscape of plastic pollution. This relentless cycle mirrors the arcade game’s ceaseless […]

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Justice scales

The High Social Costs of “Cheap” Artificial Turf

Students and their parents pay for artificial turf injuries. A great deal of public money has been spent by school boards and park departments on artificial turf fields over the past decade. The consensus thinking was that the high initial investment would be offset by greatly reduced water use and maintenance costs over the fields’ […]

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Replace Turf Sign

Fake Plastic Fields: Not Good for Anyone

Sustainable Silicon Valley strongly recommends investing budget, maintenance and water resources in natural grass athletic fields and replacing synthetic turf fields with natural, living grass as they wear out. This transition is essential to prioritizing the well-being of playing field users– children, teenagers, and adults– and to fostering a healthier environment and aligns with practices adopted […]

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