A Landmark Water Reuse Agreement Takes Shape

Sustainable Silicon Valley has long championed innovative approaches to water use & reuse along with regional governmental cooperation and smart, sustainable efforts to ensure a clean and plentiful Bay Area water supply. The proposed agreement between Valley Water, the City of Mountain View and the City of Palo Alto checks a lot of these boxes. […]

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A Look at How Recycled Water Is Made

By Année Tousseau It was a beautiful day when I toured the Silicon Valley Advanced Water Purification Center in north San Jose in late February—for the first time in a long time, sunny skies and no rain.   Operated by the Santa Clara Valley Water District (SCVWD), this facility is the largest advanced water purification […]

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onsite water reuse

Onsite Water Reuse: Promises and Hitches

By Devika Garg, September 2015. We may have found liquid water on Mars, but the rest of outer space has none. This is why astronauts at the International Space Station have been drinking recycled water since 2008. In the uncertainty of climate change, surely we on Earth could follow their lead? In a bid to […]

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